10 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

10 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

You wake up on a Monday morning and you’re exhausted, barely able to get out of bed. You’ve already hit snooze twice and because of that, you’ll need to rush to get out of the house so that you can get to work on time. You’re feeling zapped of all motivation and positively drained… and to be honest, you’re not sure how you’re going to manage through the workday. We’ve all been here before. Even if you love what you do there are some days where we just want to lie in bed and relax. But what matters is what you do to make up for it. Here are 10 ways to stay motivated at work!

1. Prioritize

Set priorities and knock big-ticket, difficult items out first. Consider leaving off smaller tasks like emails until after you’ve already knocked the big ones out of the way. This will keep you from getting lost in the sea that is your inbox. It’s also a surefire way to save your motivation as monotonous tasks can sap inspiration instantaneously.

2. Set Deadlines

Even arbitrary deadlines can be especially helpful when you’re part of a team. This can inspire your coworkers and motivate them to complete assigned tasks more quickly and efficiently. Remember to be realistic, of course. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by setting deadlines that will require you to work for tirelessly for hours and shirk your other responsibilities.

3. Be Open to Criticism

Asking for feedback is one of the most valuable skills. Constructive criticism helps you look at the big picture, and see things from a different perspective, which can, of course, change your world view and the way you approach your tasks. If you find yourself lacking in motivation, ask for some advice. Someone might just fuel you with a new approach to the same tired assignments.

4. Reward Yourself

By giving yourself something to look forward to, you can motivate yourself. This can be something as simple as giving yourself a break after 30-40 minutes of consecutive work. A trip to the kitchen for coffee once you finish an important report or maybe a snack when you complete a paragraph. Reward others as well – when someone does something nice for you, if your budget allows, buy them lunch or send flowers. Words as simple as a thank you are an excellent show of gratitude that will keep your team motivated.

5. Take Breaks

You might think that taking a break will halt your productivity, but it’s actually quite the opposite. A break every now and again will give you time to regroup and as such, come back ready to work. In the same respect, it’s important to take your lunch break. And a proper lunch break means getting away from your desk for a moment. You’ll find that the slight change in scenery makes for a more productive afternoon overall. Finally, round out your day by setting a quit time as well. You’ll feel more refreshed and productive if you allow yourself some downtime.

6. Define Your Goal

Without goals, it’s impossible to know what you have to achieve and it’s impossible to truly stay motivated. By breaking down your daily tasks and setting goals, you’ll make things more achievable and as such, be able to more aptly stay motivated. If you have a big project coming up, stay organized by breaking it down into small, easy to manage pieces. Create a to-do list and stick to it – you’ll find it easier to finish that project.

7. Get Organized

Staying organized is one of the most important things in remaining organized. A cluttered desk is indicative of a cluttered mind and a cluttered life. You’ll find that if you take some time at the end of the day to organize and set all of your things in their rightful place, you’ll come in ready to attack the day tomorrow. It’s important to maintain that organization and monitor when it gets out of hand. Odds are that means that you’ve been feeling more stressed as a result and thus lacking motivation. Clear your space, wipe down dusty surfaces and get back to work.

8. Forge Friendships

Studies have shown that having friends in the workplace positively affects job satisfaction. Your view of your office’s culture and personal wellbeing is directly influenced by the number of work friends that you have and as such, hanging out with your colleagues can boost your levels of motivation. You spend more time at work than you do at home, and it’s important to get to know those around you. Forging office friendships is a great way to bolster teamwork and find comfort in collaborating within your department.

9. Don’t Focus on Things You Can’t Control

To stay motivated, understand that there are somethings that you can’t control. If you rely on someone else’s work to finish a project and they miss a deadline, understand that that isn’t completely in your control. Many different things can impede our progress at work and rather than worry about them, stay focused on the things you excel in – the things that are under your control.

10. Understand Your ‘Why’

Understanding why you must get something done is a surefire way to up your motivation. After all, if you don’t know the ‘why’ what’s the point of putting in the work. Look at the big picture. What you’re doing matters, it has weight. Sometimes it helps to look at the rand scheme of things in order to maintain a level of excitement about coming to work every day. Seeing the vision behind the work will surely keep you on the path to completing that task.

Of course, the best way to keep motivated is by loving what you do. The best thing about our team at Colossus is that they are all passionate about their areas of expertise. Want to work at Colossus Media Group? Check out our career page!