4 Major Must-Haves for a Successful App

4 Major Must-Haves for a Successful App

With 90% of consumers spending their time on mobile apps compared to mobile websites, it’s imperative that you have some type of mobile app if you want to stay competitive. So what makes a mobile app successful? Does it satisfy the needs of its users? Is it functional? App success doesn’t happen overnight and takes more than one-step. Often, developers must do some reworking, redesigning, and refining to develop an app that meets users’ needs efficiently and effectively. In designing your mobile app, consider these 4 major must-haves for a successful app.

1. IT MUST Solve a Problem

Every successful product addresses a problem or pain point. What makes apps any different? Think big. Then ask yourself what needs your app can satisfy or what ways your app can simplify consumers’ lives. Your app needs a defined sense of purpose and developing a clear vision of what you hope to achieve will ensure that your app is relevant. Research to find barriers or obstacles that you may come across. Through this examination, you might find some problems you could solve with your work.

2. IT MUST Focus on a Core Feature

The best apps are hyper-focused on one thing that they do well. A simple, very focused app is your best bet for success. Once you’ve found your problem, identify exactly what value your app could provide. Then develop a unique plan of attack. Successful apps outperform their competition by addressing issues differently or more creatively. As your success grows, your users might seek more features. At which point, you can begin adding those updates in later versions. Consistent improvement is one of the key factors of a great app.

3. YOU MUST Keep It Simple

The UX or user experience is key when it comes to the success of an app. Less is more. In order to maintain a certain level of efficiency, you want to keep clutter to a minimum and provide a clear path for your users. The user interface of your app should be convenient and easy to navigate with a user-friendly, visually appealing design.

4. YOU MUST Accept Feedback

Testing your app is a crucial step in the app development process. In this, you’ll find exactly which ways users plan to use your app. Similarly, you’ll find get some feedback for exactly what things need to be changed or adjusted to provide a stronger user experience. It might seem daunting to receive criticism and critique, but you’ll come out on the other side with a stronger, more successful product.

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