4 New Year’s Marketing Strategies

4 New Year’s Marketing Strategies

As the decade comes to a close and the holiday season ramps up, it’s important to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the new year! It’s time to revisit, rework, and recommit!. Consider these 4 New Year’s marketing strategies for 2020!

1. Launch New Products or Services

One surefire tried and true New Year’s marketing idea is to launch new products at the start of the new year! Spend the better part of December advertising, then host a product launch as soon as the clock strikes 12! It’s crucial that you explain why and how this new product is different from all of your others.

3. Have a Post-New Year’s Day Sale

Much like launching a new product or service on New Year’s Day, a post-New Year’s Day sale is also a reliable way to boost sales. To truly double down on your marketing efforts, consider offering a special deal on your customer’s first purchase of this new product or service. Not sure of what you could sell that’s new? That’s just fine! Run a promotion on your older products or services or host a giveaway! The point is to generate buzz, and nothing does that like discounts!

2. Use Social Media

Like most holidays, the New Year serves as the perfect time to get festive on social media! This is a great time to get noticed and create brand awareness. Something as simple as wishing your followers a Happy New Year can help you start off strong in the coming days. Jazz up your profile with a new festive profile picture or cover photos. Share your “Top Nine.” Better still, get in on the resolution motivation and host an inspiring quotes contest!

4. Ask For Feedback

Collecting feedback is vital for growth, but sometimes it’s difficult to get customers to participate. Host a promotion that asks directly for insight on the customer experience. Whether you’re brick and mortar or an e-commerce site, consider offering a 5% discount on products or services if customers leave a review or complete an email survey!

In this New Year, it’s key to narrow down your marketing efforts. These 4 New Year’s marketing strategies are sure to enhance your success in the coming year. Revisit any “failures” and rework those choices so you can have more success. Then, recommit to successful strategies from the past to create consistency and foster growth. At Colossus Media Group, we develop methods of marketing to help build your business.