4 Ways to Drive Web Traffic

4 Ways to Drive Web Traffic

You have a beautiful website. You want people to see it. Unfortunately, getting website visitors isn’t like Field of Dreams. Just because you build a website doesn’t mean visitors will come. So, how do you attract people to your site? Here are 4 ways to drive web traffic:


If you don’t know what SEO stands for, it might as well mean See Every Other site. When potential visitors are searching your category in Google, all of your competitors are coming up before you. Why? A site that uses SEO principles organically ranks higher in Google results than a website that isn’t. Fortunately, there are great plugins to help those unfamiliar with SEO tactics (hello, Yoast). These plugins ensure your copy uses specific keywords often and the content readability is high.

Social Media

Social media isn’t only for angry rants, sharing food pictures, and stalking exes. It’s a great way to boost website traffic. If you write the perfect tweet, it’s 280 characters or less. However, you only teased out some of the information you wanted to convey. At the end of your social media post, you should include a link. Here, interested readers can learn more about your product. This will get you more website visitors. Also, it increases brand awareness.


The relationship between businesses and customers changed. Before social media, stores didn’t need to worry about engagement. Now, businesses have to constantly capture people’s attention. Blogs are perfect for this. According to Hubspot, if your company “blogs” 16 times or more per month, your website traffic increases 3.5 times. How? Using specific keywords throughout your blog will make the content searchable. More searchable content on a website increases its Google ranking. Plus, you can reuse a blog throughout your monthly social media content in various ways to continue to attract new readers. Blogs are evergreen, which means they rank forever. You can create new content that links to your blog in order to get more visitors.


Grow your email list and create a newsletter. If you provide a virtual newsletter for your email list, the newsletter brings users to your website. Your newsletter updates customers about promotions, the latest blog, or a company achievement. Fresh content provides users a reason to interact with your page.