Burger 25

Burger Joint • Toms River, NJ

Established in 2013, Burger 25 is not your average burger joint. From extra thick, handspun shakes to specialty burgers to award winning wings, there’s something for everyone. Located in Toms River, NJ and treasured by locals, highlights of the restaurant include indoor dining, an 88-person outdoor seating area (known as The Alley) and a walk-up window to pick up treats (for you or your dog).


As busy restaurant owners, managing marketing in-house was no longer cutting it. With changing social media features and user behavior, Burger 25’s social media strategy failed to move with the times. They recognized it was time to outsource marketing to creative and experienced professionals at CMG in order to elevate their brand to level it deserves to be at.

How We Helped

Content, content content! Burger 25 had already found success at building a loyal fan-base who were primed for satisfying original content. We boosted their engagement and reach by creating a strategy that relies heavily on Instagram Reels. Our creative content marketing strategy focuses on spotlighting and participating in current trends. Now, Burger 25 has strengthened the existing relationship with their audience as well as expanding into new new audiences daily.

Social Media

CMG exploded Burger 25’s social media presence across Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Sharing high-quality content of their monthly specials and menu items in creative ways has greatly increased the effectiveness of social media as a marketing channel. Our social media monitoring helps us factor what will resonate most with our audience. Bi-monthly content productions enable us to capture engaging photos and videos that are always timely and on-brand.


  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design & Development


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Burger 25’s outdated website had remained untouched for a decade since it’s initial launch. Still featuring their old logo and low resolution photos, their website pailed in comparison to their carefully crafted in-person aesthetic. We directed a full menu photo shoot in order to market their extensive menu it all of it’s glory. Their completely redesigned and redeveloped new website features attractive branding, beautiful imagery, and everything a potential customer needs to navigate their best experience.

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  • Burger/Shake Debates
  • Menu Photos
  • Food Spotlights
  • Employee Recognition

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