Farros Tees

Farro's Tees is a one-stop shop in New Jersey for custom printing and embroidery for businesses, schools, sports teams, and fundraisers. Anyone seeking custom apparel such as t-shirts, varsity jackets, or customizable promotional items like drinkware, office supplies, and bags can find everything they need at Farro's Tees.


As Farro’s Tees competes against larger, online-focused competitors, we knew they had to stand out as a small, family-owned business dedicated to exceptional services and customer satisfaction.

Despite facing large competition, Farro’s has 40 years of client relations under their belt. With great rapport with their local community and a growing facility, all they were missing was a long term growth strategy.

During the pandemic shutdown, Dom Farro, owner of Farro’s Tees, began filming videos on his cell phone to continue promoting his brand and how they were helping the community. In an attempt to get to the next level, Dom contacted Colossus Media Group for professional video production and strategy that catapulted his business into the modern century.

Problems to Solve

  • Needed to reach a wider range of consumers in New Jersey
  • Lacked online ordering capabilities
  • Branding did not stress the importance of small business and the Farro's Difference to make the company stand out

How We Helped

Farro's Tees already had great products, so we implemented Google Ads and a social media strategy to reach more qualified audiences. The Colossus Media Group team also designed and developed a new website to allow online orders and incorporated a funnel to drive more sales with online advertising.

Farro's Tees started to rank higher through SEO, compared to other local businesses in surrounding New Jersey towns. With our help, the cost per lead was $25, resulting in $30,000 of monthly revenue.

CMG also oversees Farro’s tees customer interactions with CRM management to promote sales and events.


  • Content Creation
  • Online Ordering
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads
  • Updated Website


increase in Instagram followers


increase in Facebook Engagement Rate

Social Media

We brought the "Farro's Difference" philosophy to social media, showcasing the business's strengths and products. This initiative incentivized potential customers to choose Farro's Tees as a local small business.

By increasing their social media activity, Farro's Tees became more recognizable to their in-person customers and improved their appeal. Through content marketing, frequent ads, and social media marketing, the company has grown its reputation through the state of New Jersey.

After Farro’s Tees started working with CMG, they noticed customers coming into their store and sharing their affinity for the brand’s presence on social media.


CMG designed and developed an updated website for Farro’s Tees featuring online ordering capabilities, an online design tool, and SEO-driven copywriting throughout several interior pages. The modernized, mobile-friendly website better reflects the company’s brand identity and goals, complete with custom forms to facilitate customer communication. Website traffic is at an all time high due to our Google and Facebook Ads strategy.

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Touch Points

  • Video Testimonials
  • Giveaways
  • Product Highlights
  • Project Timelapses

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