HappyNest is a laundry pickup and delivery service operating throughout the United States. They aim to remove the stress of laundry and restore valuable time to busy households. They feature easy scheduling via their app or website, a fully-customizable laundry experience, and the highest level of customer service.


HappyNest has a unique task of providing marketing assets and managing ad spend for laundromat partners across 35 states and counting. Their team came to Colossus Media Group after their internal Google Ads strategy did not have the results they were hoping for.

In a time where consumers are chronically online, it was crucial for HappyNest to establish a professional presence on social media platforms in order to communicate with their desired audience. They also required a stronger SEO strategy to target the 30+ states serviced organically.

HappyNest relied heavily on stock photos to in their marketing materials, including social media, website, print, and PPC. It was hard to create transparency and trust through these images, which did not convey the story of their brand.

Problems to Solve

  • No content marketing strategy
  • High customer acquisition cost
  • Slow customer acquisition
  • No cohesive strategy for nationwide partners

How We Helped

HappyNest offers the solution to an inconvenience most people can relate to, meaning we need to show households nationwide why their services are essential.

Colossus Media Group created a memorable and recognizable brand identity for HappyNest that includes graphic design services, copywriting, social media strategy, and paid social management.

CMG keeps investors satisfied and regularly outlines how the business should grow over time through a robust social media and website presence, SEO strategies, and building consumer trust. Posting to social media has helped increase followers and create a community who genuinely care about the brand. Feedback on social media advertisements has been overwhelmingly positive, creating another outlet to further trust and transparency.


  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Funnel Optimization
  • SEO
  • Social Media


increase Facebook Reach


Follower growth on Instagram


Decrease CAC

Social Media

Our social media strategy for HappyNest centers on regular content creation and video production. Our goals include: driving organic website traffic, increasing conversions, and creating familiarity and trust with customers.

Our messaging tactfully targets the primary decision-maker of households, calling their attention through our effective content marketing strategies. Customers rose from 600-800 monthly to 3,000 monthly, with 60% of those customers coming from social media channels managed by CMG.

HappyNest's social media now offers a mix of photos, videos, memes, and user-generated content that makes them valuable to follow. They stand out from their competition with vibrant images, trending video content, and targeted social ads. HappyNest is a recognizable, trusted, and thriving company that is well-established on all social media platforms.

Touch Points

  • User Testimonials
  • Partner Spotlights
  • Branded Graphics

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