Colossus Media Group’s Website is One of the November Showcase Websites

Colossus Media Group’s Website is One of the November Showcase Websites

We love providing our clients with great websites that help drive business. However, we don’t just talk the talk. Our talented web development team just proved why we’re the preferred web design company in NJ. Our new website is one of the November showcase websites!

What are Showcase Websites?

Elegant Themes is one of the leading providers of the Divi interface. Frequently, they review other websites that use Divi. In fact, each month they choose 10 websites that they feel are the best ones made by the Divi community. Colossus Media Group’s new website was listed as one of these 10!

What is Divi?

Simply, Divi is an interface that allows you to build your website. Having said that, there are two forms that you can use for it. First, there’s the back-end builder. This version allows you to create your site in the WordPress UI. Second, there’s visual builder, which is on the front-end. In other words, the front-end is the part that users interact with. Fortunately, Divi’s ease of use allows web developers to create gorgeous websites without a lot of the hassle that other interfaces cause.

Why This Recognition Matters

To begin with, being named as one of the November showcase websites is an awesome feat. On top of that, it’s even better because of what our company mission is. At Colossus Media Group, we firmly believe that we can provide great advertising services at an affordable cost. We don’t believe that businesses should have to break the bank to try to increase the company’s bank account. Therefore, we’re committed to doing quality work at a reasonable cost. It’s what makes us the go-to digital marketing agency in NJ. In other words, this award illustrates that you can get top-quality without overpaying.

What They Said About Our Site

Understandably, we’re excited to be named to the list. Also, we’re ecstatic over the review Elegant Themes gave our site!

“Even though there are a lot of things on the home page, each of the elements has plenty of breathing room…The portfolio page includes a sharp filter that’s styled to match the site’s yellow branding. I love the team page. It uses comic book-style artwork for each of the team members. I also like the blog page, which includes a yellow gradient and other yellow highlights.”

So, if your business needs a new website, contact Colossus Media Group today. Don’t worry, we’re not letting being named one of the November showcase websites go to our heads. You’ll still get the same, high-quality work at a reasonable cost that’s always been associated with Colossus.