How Blogging Benefits Your Website

How Blogging Benefits Your Website

Blogging isn’t just an online diary like it once was. Now, it’s used for businesses to provide helpful content to potential customers. Also, it is a vital part of a strong social media strategy. Additionally, blogging is a great way for you to improve your search engine ranking. There are many ways how blogging benefits your website, and your business.


Blogging helps businesses increase the search engine ranking through keywords. For example, if you use a specific keyword/phrase in a blog, your business will rank for the keyword/phrase. This increases the likelihood of your content ranking higher in results. Therefore, your blog and website will be delivered to people potentially interested in your brand. Once they discover what your business does, they may turn into a customer.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is crucial to your company’s success. Content is king, and engaging content keeps visitors coming back for more! Also, blogs improve your ranking by increasing your SEO. If your blog gets more visitors, it drives up its search engine ranking. Actions may speak louder than words, but words in a blog can be as good for your business as a well-executed promotion.

Active vs Static

Health experts preach living an active lifestyle. Active is beneficial for a website too, and another example of how blogging benefits your website. A static site means that your website content doesn’t change. Unfortunately, this is no bueno for your website ranking. Websites that are active (or providing new content) are rewarded. They will show up earlier in search engine results, so stay active!

Cost Effective

Forbes explains blogging is a cheap way to increase exposure for your business. Let’s be honest–we all love cheap things that help us! Blogging is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. As your Google SERP Ranking increases, so does the likelihood that customers see your content.

Make Connections

If you connect with a popular industry figure, use that connection. Invite them to write a guest blog on your site.   Also, use your media contacts to get earned media. For example, being featured as an expert opinion in an article about your field is earned media.

Now that you understand how blogging benefits your website, get to work! That search engine ranking isn’t going to increase itself!