How Blogs Make Effective SEM Landing Pages

How Blogs Make Effective SEM Landing Pages

So you’re interested in SEM, or search engine marketing. You’re well aware that it’s great for lead generation. But how? Well a landing page is one of the key aspects to a successful SEM campaign. And the best way to truly understand your customers is to get as much data about them as possible.

The way you achieve this is by testing. For example, if you A/B test the content of a landing page, you can learn more about how your products address a customer’s needs. Which issue made potential customers convert?

Unfortunately, you may have limited resources, so creating multiple landing pages isn’t possible. Or is it? If you have blogs it is. Here’s how blogs make effective SEM landing pages:

High Quality Score

One major component of Google Ads is quality score. In other words, how relevant are the keywords that you’re bidding on to the page or product you’re promoting. Fortunately, a blog doubling as a landing page will lead to a high quality score. Why? Because you can write blogs that use specific keywords and/or phrases that your customers search for. And that means your blog/landing page will have a high quality score when other users search, so your ad will be one of the top results. That’s good, because 75% of users never go passed the first page of a Google search.

A/B Testing

Also, blogs allow you to do a form of A/B testing. If you have several blogs already written, use them. If not, get someone to write three blogs that speak to some major concerns or needs within your industry. When you publish the blogs, make sure they have a clear call-to-action. Then, wait and see.

Within three months, you should have enough data to know which topic addresses your customers’ needs. And then you go to work. Create videos, display ads, email blasts, one-pagers, etc. that speak to the solution your product provides these customers.

So if you’re interested in a digital marketing agency that can both write blogs and create and run an SEM campaign for your business, contact Colossus Media Group today. We know how blogs make effective SEM landing pages to utilize as one aspect of your digital marketing campaign.