How to Boost Productivity

How to Boost Productivity

Spring has sprung and as the weather gets warmer, it’s natural to get a little bit of cabin fever! Still, don’t let that fresh air decrease your levels of productivity. Follow these tips on how to boost productivity in your workplace!

1. Take Breaks

While taking breaks may seem counterintuitive, research has shown that taking scheduled breaks can actually improve your concentration and productivity. For starters, taking breaks can improve your performance levels, and help you sustain concentration throughout long tasks. Similarly, a regular break every 15-minute increases productivity about 6.45% and can lower mental fatigue, pain in the wrist, forearm, and hand, and improve mental acuity by 13%.

2. Create a To-Do List

At the end of your workday, create a to-do list with all of the tasks that you have to complete the day. Take some time to prioritize which tasks must be completed before the day is done and list them in order of that. This way, even if you are interrupted by an unexpected assignment, you can return to exactly where you last left off.

3. Keep Your Desk Clean

As the old adage says, “A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.” The more time you spend searching for things in your cluttered mess of a desk, the less time you’ll spend actually working. That’s why it’s crucial that you take time at the end of each day to clean and organize your space. This goes for your electronic workspace too! Use handy tools and apps to organize your inbox in a way that works best for you!

4. Get Moving

Moving around just a little bit is sure to boost your productivity by getting your body moving, and your blood pumping and flowing. Even just a few quick minutes of movement can increase your alertness, boost your energy, and promote optimal physical and mental health. Additionally, you’ll score the added bonus of being able to improve your inter-office relationships.

5. Listen to Music

Music is an effective medicine. A series of studies have shown that music is the perfect solution to raise efficiency, especially through repetitive tasks. Consider playing some background music in your office. Or better yet, take a cue from us. We created a collaborative Spotify playlist for all of our team members to add songs! Follow the CMG Mix here!

Of course, that’s not all that can be used to increase productivity in the workplace. As a manager, there is a multitude of strategies to employ including:

  • Encouraging autonomy by not micromanaging
  • Improving employee skills through training opportunities
  • Employing clear communication strategies
  • Promoting self-care
  • Discouraging multitasking
  • Introducing flexible schedules
  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Highlighting collaboration and teamwork

Of course, the best way to bolster productivity is to have a distinct focus on employee satisfaction through office culture. Looking for a place that has a heavy emphasis on company culture? Check out our career page to see what jobs we’re offering!