How to Incorporate Video for Digital Marketing

How to Incorporate Video for Digital Marketing

For a long time, video was an elite form of marketing. It was too expensive for every brand to have video content. Fortunately, technology has allowed companies to get high-quality videography at an affordable price. Therefore, it’s time for your brand to begin utilizing videography for your marketing efforts. Here’s how to incorporate video for digital marketing:


A 2017 consumer trends survey indicated that 54% prefer video content over other forms. In fact, out of the 6 most popular channels people use to watch video content, 4 of them are social channels. In addition, people want content that’s entertaining, funny, and informative. This gives brands an opportunity to creatively educate potential customers about their business. So, you should incorporate how-to videos into your social media strategy. 87% of online marketers incorporate video into their digital strategy. If you haven’t done so already, you’re behind in the game.


A business’s website lends credibility to the business. Also, it serves as an elevator pitch. Having said this, you can incorporate a short explanatory video about your business on your site. Not only will it inform your customers about your brand, but it can drive sales. 90% of customers say that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.


Do you want to increase your email click-through rates by 200-300%? Well, video is the answer. Marketers that include video content in their email blasts can expect their click-through rates to go through the roof. Additionally, video promotes brand recall. Since 80% of people recall a video they’ve seen in the last month, it’s an opportunity for your brand to achieve top-of-mind awareness. As a reminder, you need to make sure your video is following your brand standards to maximize your efforts.

Target Market

If your business is courting millennials and Gen Z, then video is the perfect way to reach your target market. For starters, these two target markets are incessantly using their cell phones. On YouTube, mobile consumption grows by 100% every year! Fortunately, video content is responsive, so it fits on any screen. Additionally, video ads equate to 35% of digital ad spending. YouTube allows companies to advertise cost-effectively on its channel, while also giving detailed analytics.

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