How to Make Social Media Part of Your SEO Strategy

How to Make Social Media Part of Your SEO Strategy

Often, your business’ website is the first impression a customer gets of your brand. Therefore, optimizing your website for SEO is vital. This allows you to organically rank high in search engine results. Does creating a website with content tailored to keywords and search terms/phrases guarantee that customers will flock to your website? Unfortunately, no. However, social media is a great tool to help drive potential customers to your website. Here’s how to make social media part of your SEO strategy.

Social Media

No one likes traffic…when they’re driving. However, website traffic is great for any business. Social media is great at bringing visitors to your website for a number of reasons. For example, if you blog regularly (16+ times per month), you can see 3.5 times more web traffic. Social media can increase exposure to your blog. Also, potential customers will trust you as you share your valuable expertise in your industry. Instead of constantly trying to sell to your customers, give them the answers to the questions they’re asking. If they trust you to answer those questions, eventually they’ll trust you when they’re ready to purchase.

Go (Ever)Green

Blogs are evergreen (they theoretically last forever). They rank and can be read long after they’re first published.  A great strategy to incorporate in your social media content is to write multiple posts for your blog (not necessarily in the same day, unless you don’t mind losing followers). As an example, one post can be about the blog topic. Another one can take a piece of information from the blog and use it as a fun fact. A third post can be used as a quote. Having said that, make sure you understand the upcoming changes to Facebook. It will affect how you create posts.

Landing Pages

Here’s a trick–consider using your blogs in a Google AdWords campaign. You can use your posts as landing pages. By writing blogs about what your customers are searching for, you can increase your business’ reach. While this focuses on search engine marketing (SEM), it’s an added bonus of increasing your Google SERP Ranking by blogging. For instance, if you’re an HVAC company, you’ll blog about useful homeowner tips. One blog may focus on improving the air quality in your home. If your HVAC company also provides this service, you’ve now created an asset (the blog) that works for both your SEO and SEM efforts!

There are many reasons why social media should be a part of your SEO strategy. Ultimately, SEO tactics help increase revenue for your business. The bottom line is, these tactics how to make social media a part of your SEO strategy will help your bottom line.