How To Measure If Your Event Marketing Is Successful

How To Measure If Your Event Marketing Is Successful

Here’s a shocker: there are multiple types of marketing. Email, social media, and SEM are just a few forms of it. And it’s a great driver of revenue. But what if you’re holding an event with the hopes of getting new business? If you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, it’s challenging to understand if these events help drive revenue. Here’s how to measure if your event marketing is successful.


For starters, emails are one of the most effective ways to promote events. 78% of email marketers claim that emails are the best tool to get attendees. And on top of that, almost half of them can attribute event sales to email marketing. So if you’re looking to have a successful event, it’s critical that you use this tactic.

Also, targeted emails drive revenue period. So if you customize your messaging, you’ll increase your company’s revenue 18 times. Remember, keep your subject lines short, and include images or videos in the body to create more engaging emails.

Ticket Sales

And it’s important to understand that ticket sales are a big part of events. In fact, ticket sales make up 60-100% of event marketing revenue. So don’t think food and beverage sales are the end-all, be-all as a money-making tactic (though they’re important to make sure it’s a good event). Conferences and events account for over $30 billion dollars as an industry. That’s a lot in potential ticket sales.

Exhibition Sales

Finally, the main way how to measure if your event marketing is successful is exhibition sales. Since 24% of trade show revenue is generated this way, there’s a lot of potential for successful events. So make sure you’re showcasing some of your latest and greatest products when you’re at an event/conference, or hosting one.

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