Increase Leads With Google Ads

Increase Leads With Google Ads

Currently, 94% of all web traffic is on Google. So if your business isn’t using Google Ads, it’s missing out on a lot of potential customers. In fact, SEM, or search engine marketing, is a great way to drive more revenue. Here’s how your business can increase leads with Google Ads.

Push Potential Customers Through Your Marketing Funnel

Do you want to push potential customers through your marketing funnel more quickly? Google Ads helps. The marketing funnel is:

  • Awareness- Here customers learn about your business, and what you can provide them
  • Consideration- How do your products fulfill their needs?
  • Evaluation- What other businesses offer these products? Why should customers choose your product(s)?
  • Conversion- The customer decides your business is the best choice for them.
  • Advocate- A happy customer becomes a brand advocate through positive reviews and/or word of mouth.

Fortunately, Google Ads helps speed up the process. Display ads help increase brand awareness for businesses. And a PPC, or pay-per-click, campaign using targeted keywords for your products helps customers understand more about your products. Then, they decide if your products eases their pain, and they convert!

Great ROI

And SEM is known to have a great ROI. For example, for every one dollar a business spends on a PPC campaign, they make two dollars back, on average! Considering that SEM are 56% more profitable than social media marketing, which has a 44% ROI, it’s a great way to increase revenue.


One aspect of a great SEM campaign is remarketing. It allows companies to serve ads to website visitors that act as reminders for potential customers to make a purchase. And it’s a cost-effective way to advertise, since remarketing ads have a very low cost-per-click. Keep in mind, with the new privacy and cookie policy updates, and Google’s updates that allow customers to mute remarketing ads, these aren’t the secret weapon they once were. However, they’re still a great asset to increase leads with Google Ads.

So if you want to get more leads, it’s time your business starts an SEM campaign. And Colossus Media Group can do that for you, so contact us today.