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CMG history

2014 — The Passion Begins

Like most kids with a camera, we decided to test our talents the best way we knew how: For the entire world to see. We launched our YouTube channel at age 14, making short-form skit videos.

2015 — Our First Paid Gig

When our neighbor stumbled across our YouTube channel and learned we were savvy with cameras, they asked us for help filming their daughter’s mitzvah. We thought we were doing her a favor, but after getting paid at the end of the event, we realized that this was something we could really expand upon.

2016 — Our First Business Client

With newfound confidence, we started networking and finding more and more clients through these opportunities. We stayed consistently busy filming/creating content for events and websites. We picked up our first notable client, Garmany of Red Bank, while juggling mitzvahs on weekends.

2017 — Our First Van

One day, while still living and working out of our mom’s basement, we pulled up with a white ProMaster van. Our mom, bewildered, asked us if we needed to move something. We should have had the cameras rolling when we said “No, this is our new company van.” And then we wrapped it bright yellow.

Fall 2017 — Our Services Expand

An electrical contracting client of ours wanted a CMG video to be put on their website, however, they were lacking a crucial component to that request: A website. So, we learned everything we needed to in order to make them one.

Spring 2018 — Rocco Almost Doesn’t Graduate

Because of many absences due to travel and business meetings, Rocco almost didn’t meet the requirements for high school graduation. Fortunately, we were able to strike a deal with the principal by offering our mitzvah filming services for a family party.

Summer 2018 — Our First Office Space

Dom and Rocco moved the company to an official space in Russel Hall building at former military base, Fort Monmouth in order to work with clients without the embarrassment of meeting them in their mom’s basement.

2019 — CMG Team Expands

Increasing demands and the growing success of our clients naturally allowed CMG to expand into more marketing services. We beefed up our Graphic Design, Business Development, Content Creation, and Social Media departments, bringing the team total to 8 full-time employees.

Fall 2019 — CMG boosts marketing with Dodge Challenger

After showcasing ourselves at a ton of networking events, trade shows, and expositions, we decided to get the ultimate marketing cherry on top: a bright-yellow wrapped Dodge Challenger to build brand awareness.

2020 — Comeback from COVID

When COVID-19 hit businesses hard, CMG partnered with Press Communications and The Shore Board to give away $75,000 worth of advertising. Over 1,000 local NJ businesses applied and we generated over 70,000 votes.

Summer 2020 — Our First National Account

Through working with and bringing success to many local laundromats, HappyNest Laundry Service noticed the quality of work and creativity of CMG and brought us on as agency of record.

2021 — Our New Office

As our team grew, it became apparent we needed a new and improved space to collaborate. Our buildout at 6 Industrial Way was completed and we relocated the CMG headquarters a few miles away to Eatontown, New Jersey.

2021 — CMG acquires local Digital Marketing Agency

Adding to the staff, and adding their existing book of business to CMG’s additional services, our in-house digital marketing capabilities greatly expanded with this partnership.

Fall 2021 – Our Office Expansion

We took over the lease to the other side of our office building, renovating our existing workspace into more offices, and adding a second kitchen, more bathrooms, and a high-tech conference room.

Early 2022 — CMG Forms Sister Agency

With unrivaled success in the laundromat industry, we decided to launch Suds Digital in order to service the growing laundromat clientele, offering selective packages for laundromat owners.

Summer 2022 — Our Production Studio is Complete

Lights, Camera, COLOSSUS! After years of renting studio space all the way from Brooklyn to South Jersey, we were able to bring production studio capabilities in-house. We created a one-of-a-kind, 14x14 90degree cyclaroma (cyc) wall. Made to give the illusion that the background goes on for infinity. Client-exclusive.

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