Abba Medical Transportation is a medical transportation company in Central New Jersey. They specialize in providing customers with ambulance services. Their company focuses on providing excellent customer service to all of their patients, offering a 24 hour operator service and online booking.


Abba understood their website could increase business. They hired a company to do a Google AdWords campaign. Unfortunately, this was costing Abba thousands of dollars per month, without the results Abba was hoping for.

Content Creation

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The Result

Once Abba launched their new website, they saw their website traffic increase. Also, blogging reinforced Colossus’ SEO strategy, leading to more web visitors on Abba’s more popular services pages. Additionally, if Abba Medical Transportation ever wants to resume utilizing Google AdWords, their in a much better position to have an effective campaign, with their organic keywords already creating a basis for a potential campaign.


Abba Medical Transportation hired Colossus Media Group. Immediately, Colossus recognized the problem--their website wasn’t created with search engine optimization in mind. Colossus created a brand new website, with copy written to drive business while also being SEO-friendly. Not only that, but Colossus began blogging for Abba. The blogs were created to capture long-tail keywords while addressing popular search terms and pages that potential customers were using.


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