The Blooming Oven is a cauliflower pizza-crust delivery service in Northern New Jersey. They specialize in offering a high-quality, crispy cauli-crust created by two pizza-industry veterans. Their product is designed for the health-conscious, the health-restricted, and everyone in-between.


The Blooming Oven previously worked with a marketing firm. Their former partner produced inconsistent work at a high cost, and without clearly communicating with The Blooming Oven. This created an inconsistent brand experience for potential and current customers.


The Blooming Oven hired Colossus Media Group. Immediately, Colossus communicated what the next steps would be to get the brand back on track—in 30 minutes or less! The foundation for a fruitful partnership was set, and to The Blooming Oven’s delight, the cost was significantly less than what the previous firm charged. If anyone knows the value of saving dough, it’s The Blooming Oven!

The Result

Colossus Media Group redesigned and rewrote The Blooming Oven’s website, clearly explaining each step of the process to the client. Once The Blooming Oven relaunched their new website, they knew—their brand was officially back. They weren’t the only ones who noticed, either. The user experience exponentially improved, with not only customer reviews increasing, but users appreciating the new streamlined mobile experience.


If your business needs to unify their brand, Colossus Media Group can help. Our team produces high-quality content that makes your users clearly understand your products. Our cost-effective solutions make us the perfect digital marketing agency to partner with, so contact us today.