Separate They are Small.
Together We are Colossus.

We know how to deliver big results, which is why our reputation as the go-to digital marketing agency in NJ has grown! We aren't just a web design company. Our team is more than just video production. In fact, we're all of these things! But, we're more. We're Colossus Media Group.

Dom Santamaria Member Bio image


Dom Santamaria

Dom Santamaria is one of the co-founders and CEO of Colossus Media Group. He loves working with young companies, and staying on the cutting edge. Besides Colossus, he loves automobiles.

Rocco Santamaria Member Bio image


Rocco Santamaria

Rocco Santamaria is one of the co-founders of Colossus Media Group, and the COO. His passion for videography began when he was 8 years old, and he's been shooting videos since then. He's dedicated to reviewing all the work that we produce to ensure quality. You'll always find him in Italian dress shoes.

Carlos J Montalvo Member Bio image


Carlos J Montalvo

Carlos designs, develops and maintains all of our clients’ web needs. He also manages link building, website ranking and implements SEO best practices. He's the best at losing to Alex in races.

David Kluszczynski Member Bio image


David Kluszczynski

David Kluszczynski is our lead systems developer. Not only is he nationally recognized for his software and system developer, he's developed several white label applications. In his free time, he's the lead singer of his band.

Alex Csedrik Member Bio image


Alex Csedrik

Alex Csedrik is the copywriter and AdWords specialist. He knows how to create the words that build your business, and how to beat Carlos in races. In his free time, he's a creative writer and stand-up comedian.

Abhishek Patel Member Bio image


Abhishek Patel

Abhishek Patel is our software developer, and coding is his passion. He's quite the soccer player, and he hopes to hone his skills in Texas, when he retires and owns a cattle ranch.

Evan Smith Member Bio image


Evan Smith

Evan Smith is the editor/cinematographer for Colossus Media Group. He's known as Quickdraw, as his speed in editing in Adobe is unmatched. In his spare time, he plays the piano, and he hopes to serenade the eventual West Coast Colossus office.

Pasquale Popolizio Member Bio image


Pasquale Popolizio

Pasquale Popolizio is the chief technology officer, and the owner of the best man-bun at Colossus. He ensures all the quality and functionality of Colossus products, and he develops all hardware and software.

Eric McMahon Member Bio image


Eric McMahon

Eric McMahon has the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, which makes him perfect to focus on new business development. He loves building and maintaining healthy relationships, and he hopes to do this one day with his distant cousin, Elon Musk.