Thanksgiving Advertising Campaigns

Thanksgiving Advertising Campaigns

Thanksgiving is the holiday for being thankful for the blessings in your life. However, that doesn’t mean your business/brand can’t get more blessings on the holiday. In fact, 1.57 billion dollars in online sales revenue was made on Thanksgiving in 2017! Additionally, companies make even more money on Black Friday. Last year, 2.36 billion dollars alone came from online revenue on Black Friday. Therefore, it’s beneficial for your business to promote during this time. Here are some Thanksgiving advertising campaigns you can consider:

Donations Campaign

Here’s an idea to celebrate the spirit of the holiday–a donations campaign. Advertise how a portion of your company’s November profits will be donated to a charity. It shows that your business is more than just the bottom line. You may want to pick a local charity. This illustrates that you care about the community you’re in. Besides, if you want to attract millennials to join your workforce, being charitable is beneficial for your business. Two-thirds of millennials prefer to work for a company that gives back.

Black Friday

At this point, everyone is familiar with Black Friday. Having said that, there are some creative ways you can capitalize on shoppers’ shopping sprees. One idea is to offer your Black Friday specials for your eCommerce business. For instance, Amazon did this in the form of “lighting deals”. This meant that deals were given with an extremely small time frame to act. For example, while Amazon utilizes a few hours for their window of opportunity, your business can do 24-48 hours.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has gained immense popularity. In 2017, $6.59 billion was spent on Cyber Monday. This makes it the largest online shopping day in history! Make sure your e-commerce business or site is prepared for this year. Specifically, your website’s e-commerce platform needs to be reliable. Go with trusted ones like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce. If you choose one that isn’t as reputable, you can cost your business a lot of revenue.

Black November

It may be stressful to think majority of your revenue comes from two days. So, don’t let it. Consider doing “Black November“, where you offer sales throughout the whole month! Obviously, you need to build anticipation to lead to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Therefore, you can offer great sales in specific categories leading up to those days. In fact, this will keep potential customers engaged with your website. It’s one of the Thanksgiving advertising campaigns that can have long-term benefits. It can increase your email list too, since customers will want to be notified of other potential deals.


Are you looking for Thanksgiving advertising campaigns that will boost your social media channels? If so, you can organize a day where your employees volunteer. Your company can sign up to help out at a local soup kitchen. It’s a great way to create social media content that will boost interactions. Plus, it’s good for team-building.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but Thanksgiving advertising campaigns are also a good opportunity to grow your business. If you’re looking for help, you can contact us. Colossus Media Group is the premier digital marketing agency in NJ. We’ll help prevent your business from looking like a turkey.