The Keys to Successful Landing Pages

The Keys to Successful Landing Pages

You already know you need a website. But, what about landing pages? Why are they valuable? In the Big Data world, everything can be tracked. Landing pages are another aspect of making sure your campaigns are as effective as possible. That’s why it’s important to know the keys to successful landing pages.

Clear Call-to-Action

Listen, every dollar counts for a business, even more if you’re a small business. It’s tempting to try and get the most bang for your buck. So, you may want the user to watch a video, sign up for an email list, and buy a promo item. Not only will you have lost your buck because of no sale, but you’ll have the user banging their head in frustration. A clear call-to-action is the key.

No one likes clutter, except hoarders, but even they (probably) feel overwhelmed by a cluttered page. You need to keep your page clean. Make it easy to navigate, and have one call-to-action. If you want people to watch a behind-the-scenes video of your latest product, focus on driving the user to do that. Don’t be afraid to repeat the call-to-action several times on the page, but make sure you’re only asking for one thing.

The Basics

Also, only ask for the basics in your forms. If users have to spend a long time, giving unnecessary information, they won’t do it. Do you know that 77% of shoppers abandon checkout forms? One reason why is, because the questions aren’t relevant. While it may help your business to know your customers’ job title (for data collection and customer profiles), is it necessary for what you’re offering? If not, get rid of it.


Another benefit of landing pages is tracking where the traffic is coming from. For example, you can send users to a landing page through a lot of different means. It’s wise to create several landing pages, with each one having the source of traffic be a different medium. Have a landing page that comes from Google Ads. You can design a different one that comes from social media (and it would be wise to create one for each channel). The point is, if you’re not using analytics and tracking how people are arriving at your landing page, your landing page won’t teach you anything.

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