Top 10 Blog Writing Tips

How to write a blog? What are the top blog tips? How to write shareable blogs? These are all important questions if you’re trying to boost blog engagement.

Blogs are a great way to educate your audience while establishing credibility. They’re also powerful tools to draw attention to a new service or product. Use these 10 tips below to create blogs for your brand that are exciting, insightful, and shareable:

  1. Keep it brief
    Many consumers are just looking for an answer to their question, nothing else, and they want that answer as quickly as possible. Blogs that are too wordy, don’t get read. Keep your blogs concise to maintain the reader’s attention, especially in the opening paragraph.

  2. Use interesting formatting and fonts
    Long, uniform blocks of text are boring and intimidating. Break up your blog into smaller paragraphs to keep your writing easy on the eyes. Also, use formatting tools such as text size, bold and italic typesets, and different font colors to add variety and make key terms and answers easier to find.
  3. Share something new
    Finding a topic that has not already been written about can be difficult. However, everyone has unique perspectives, including you and your brand. Put your own twist on a topic or use your personal insights to create content that is new and shareable.

  4. Do your research and provide sources
    When educating your audience, it is crucial to provide factually correct information. Provide facts with your statements, this further establishes your credibility and gains your audience’s trust. Use hyperlinks to lead your audience directly to your resources.

  5. Include a list
    Lists, just like the one you’re reading right now, are easy to follow and visually appealing. They’re also great for readers who may be in a rush.

  6. Graphics are your friend
    The feature that brought you to this blog was most likely the graphic above. Graphics are a great way to draw attention. They don’t always have to be on top of your blog — Try putting graphics or photos in between paragraphs to create break up text.

  7. Proofread, proofread, proofread
    Typos are easy to miss, especially on your first draft. Be sure to look over your blog thoroughly for spelling, grammatical, and factual errors before sharing it with the public.

  8. Ask a trusted colleague to look over your work
    Colleagues can have additional insights on your topic or writing style. They can also help identify spelling or grammatical errors that you may have missed. This tip is especially beneficial when your colleague is an expert in the topic you are writing about.

  9. Leave it to a digital marketing agency
    Teams like Colossus Media Group are equipped with the knowledge and technical skills to create blogs that will catch attention and build your brand. With expertise in SEO, HTML formatting, and copywriting, digital marketing agencies save you the time and hassle of creating a shareable blog.

  10. End with a call to action
    Give your reader a simple task, such as contacting your team or following your brand on social media. Provide direct links to phone numbers and social media accounts. See below for an example!If you’re ready to level up your brand’s blog game, contact the blog gurus at CMG today!