What the Facebook Updates Mean for You

What the Facebook Updates Mean for You

No matter what your business or brand needs are, Facebook still should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. For starters, it still has the most active users of any social media platform. So with over 2 billion users, that’s a lot of potential customers that fall into whatever industry you’re in. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what the platform is capable of. Recently, Facebook launched several updates, and here’s what the Facebook updates mean for you.


One area that Facebook is jumping into is online dating. With the updates, it launched a new feature that will allow people to date their Facebook friends’ friends. Essentially, Facebook is turning social media into one giant cocktail party, and now it wants to be a good host and introduce you to the cute single person over there. So if you’re a restaurant, you may want to consider offering a promo for 2-for-1 dinners as a first date special.


However, the biggest and most important change is the type of content Facebook is prioritizing. From now on, Facebook Groups are going to be a big part of the platform. This is important for Facebook because they think this will help stop the spread of misinformation. By having small (or big) groups that have memberships monitored by users, it prevents spambots from randomly sharing clickbait and spam.

For example, this is quite meaningful for those in the healthcare industry. People will be able to share information in this group anonymously in order to get health tips. So if you’re a healthcare brand, this is a great opportunity to establish yourself as a helpful resource for potential customers.


Also, Facebook Messenger will allow multiple people to watch video content together. Ideally, this will help Facebook establish more of a communal experience (like what the platform was originally designed for). Now it’s more important than ever to create great video content, whatever industry you’re in.

Moving forward, you’ll have to design what the Facebook updates mean for you, and whether or not you’ll still use the platform for your marketing efforts. If you’re not sure, contact Colossus Media Group, one of the premier digital marketing agencies in NJ. We’ll explain how Facebook and its updates can be an effective part of your digital marketing efforts. Get in touch with Colossus Media Group today.