Why It's Important for Small Businesses Not to Micromanage

Why It’s Important for Small Businesses Not to Micromanage

There’s the temptation for small-business owners to try and be involved in every aspect of their business. After all, they built the business. It’s their baby. So why shouldn’t they make sure that they’re fully involved? Well because it’s hurting their business. Here’s why it’s important for small businesses not to micromanage:


Here’s something interesting: A study reveals that people that believe they’re being watched perform at a lower level than those that don’t. So if you’re management style is to be involved in every facet of your company, you’re hurting your team’s output.

And it hurts with employee retention. So not only will your team be less productive, they’ll be more likely to leave your company for another job. That’s a double whammy.

On top of that, it’s physically hurting your employees. Another study revealed that companies that have high-demanding bosses and offer little control to their employees were associated with a 15.4% increase in chance of death for employees. You can see that micromanaging creates negative repercussions.

Goal Setting

So, how do you combat micromanaging? One way is to include employees when it comes to goal setting. Sit down with each staff member and clearly explain the expectations you have for their job. Then, you and the employee can come up with appropriate goals based on your expectations. This allows the employee to feel like a valued member of the team.


Another good way to avoid micromanaging is to have frequent one-on-ones with your employees. This allows them to voice any concerns that they may have on a regular basis. Also, it helps you get to know your staff on a personal level. Everyone wants to feel appreciated not only as a worker, but valued as a person too. Regular meetings can do this.

While resisting the temptation to be involved in every aspect of your business may be tough, it’s necessary for your business’ benefit. Besides, it’ll relieve you of a lot of stress and extra work, which is another reason why it’s important for small businesses not to micromanage.