Why Photography is So Important for Businesses

Why Photography is So Important for Businesses

A picture is worth 1000 words. And when it comes to business, it’s worth more–revenue. Good photography can make or break a brand. That’s why photography is so important for businesses.

Social Media

In the digital age, photography (and video content) are a must for good social media accounts. So if you’re chasing your customers on Facebook or Instagram, get a head start and use compelling images. In fact, Facebook posts with photos get 2.3 times more engagement than those that don’t. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, if your business’ posts aren’t getting engagement, they’re not being seen.

And let’s not forget that Instagram has 1 billion active users. You can’t gain any traction on IG without engaging photos.

In addition, social media can be a great recruiting tool for your company. And it can save your company money too. Companies that have a strong employer brand reduce hiring costs by 43%. How do you create a strong employer brand? You post great photos of your company culture on social media (and company website)! Highlight fun team outings or office life, and you can let your employer brand recruit for you.


Obviously, photography is a big aspect of branding. But do you know it’s critical for eCommerce too? Why? Because your image can speak to your target audience. For starters, you can incorporate brand standard colors in your shots to create brand recognition.

Also, your photography can inspire its viewers to take action. Good photos create a mood. Within that mood, an emotion occurs, and this drives potential customers to become customers. For example, if you’re a tile company, a great product photo can give people a sense of home. They become relaxed, and inspired to purchase your tile.

So if you’re looking to help your business, it’s time for you to get the best photos it can get. Turning your business into a recognizable brand is one of the biggest reasons why photography is so important for businesses.