Why You Need To Incorporate Video Into Your Strategy

Why You Need To Incorporate Video Into Your Strategy

Video has changed dramatically changed marketing. First, it caused TV advertising to become the go-to form over radio and print. And now, it’s causing another shift in strategy. Just this past year, TV ads have dropped 4%, and they’re being replaced…by video. Digital, that is. Here’s why you need to incorporate video into your strategy.

Digital Spend Has Soared

This past year, digital video spend has soared, with an 18% increase. And it makes sense. Utilizing YouTube, where 5 billion videos are watched everyday, is where you’ll reach most Millennials and Gen Z. But that’s not the only reason–digital video offers more advanced analytics than TV advertising. With YouTube, marketers can see exactly where they’re losing their potential customers’ interests. Moreover, they can get exactly how many people viewed their ad.

On the other hand, TV advertising only offers projections. “We know that THIS many people watched the program. So you got as many as X people to see your commercial.” Unfortunately, that’s not accurate. That’s not accounting for those who walk away from the TV during commercial breaks or DVR and fast forward breaks in the program.

Digital Video Increases Revenue

The bottom line is, you want to increase revenue. That’s the whole point of advertising. Fortunately, digital video increases revenue. Marketers who incorporate video into their strategy grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

This makes sense. 90% of viewers say that watching a product video is helpful for them in the decision-making process. It’s just another reason why you need to incorporate video into your strategy.

Digital Video is the Future

Finally, digital video is the future. Both Facebook and Twitter have very aggressive plans to incorporate live streaming video content onto their platforms. So, if you don’t want your brand to fall behind, now’s the time to adopt video.

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