Why You Should Start Advertising in the New Year

Why You Should Start Advertising in the New Year

The new year is almost here. So, as you think about your personal resolutions to start the year right, consider some for your business. Specifically, think about how you plan on growing your business in 2019. In particular, now is the time to start creating your advertising game plan. Here’s why you should start advertising in the new year:


First, the new year brings a new budget. You’ll know how much money you’ll have to spend throughout the year to reach your business goals. In fact, advertising needs to be a critical element of a company’s operations. It helps you achieve top-of-mind awareness that’s targeted to your ideal customer. Also, it’s great for customer retention. However, before you begin any new advertising campaigns, you need to review your sales numbers. For instance, you should study your sales for the last 3-5 years. Do you notice any patterns? Are there particular buying periods where you see an increased revenue? Keep in mind, this important information needs to be factored into your yearly advertising plan.


Next, create a calendar of important events that’s the basis for all your advertising campaigns. This should be based on previous successes, and address ways to increase sales in slow periods. For example, if you notice that business slows down in Q1, try a promotion. Granted, if you’re a business-to-consumer business, your customers may not have a lot of extra money to spend after the holidays. However, you can push a lot of cheaper items to help increase revenue. Also, by making the calendar before the year begins, you know how much money to allot to each event’s campaign. For instance, if your business makes a lot of sales before Halloween, you need to keep enough money budgeted to push any promotion you do then.

Market Analysis

Another element of why you should start advertising in the new year is to redefine your place in the market. Obviously, before you can do this, you need to know where your place is in your industry. Therefore, you should do a market analysis. You can do this before the new year begins, so you can get started once the ball drops. Well, not literally when the ball drops.

The Next Level

Finally, advertising allows your business to reach the next level. It helps a struggling business find a loyal customer base. Similar to redefining your place in the market, starting to advertise sends your employees an important message. A new ad campaign signals that your business is ready to grow. Invest in your business, and your employees will become more invested too!

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