Why Your Business Needs a Google Ads Campaign

Why Your Business Needs a Google Ads Campaign

SEM is more than an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It should be an integral part of your marketing efforts. Do you know that Google is used for 94% of all total website traffic? Well, what if your organic search results aren’t delivering the results you want? It’s time to consider pay-per-click. There are several reasons why your business needs a Google Ads campaign.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness improves through Google Ads. It may be helpful to think of search results as real estate. If you want to be seen by potential customers, you need to advertise in premier locations. In other words, paid ads on the first page are valuable digital billboard ads. The amount of people that see your ad (also known as impressions) will increase. In fact, two-third of consumers remember a brand that had a mobile ad in the past week. Brand awareness is just one of the many reasons why your business needs a Google Ads campaign.

Web Traffic

Have you ever talked about paid search results with colleagues? Often, they’ll say, “I never click on the paid results that show up on Google.” However, this isn’t accurate, since 65% of consumers click on these ads when shopping. In other words, that’s almost 2 out of every 3 people! With this in mind, imagine how much your website traffic will increase if you’re consistently ranking on the first page of Google. A Google Ads campaign is just one of the strategies we suggest to increase web traffic.

Lead Generation

Hopefully, elevated brand awareness and more website traffic increase lead generation. However, there are other factors that affect lead generation. For example, where your website ranks on Google is extremely important for revenue. Why? 75% of online users/shoppers never click past the first page of results! Another factor in this is, brand loyalty is in decline. Unfortunately, only 37% of consumers consider themselves loyal to a brand. So, it’s critical now to get in front of potential customers right when they’re ready to purchase. Keep in mind, the average conversion rate for Ads is 2.7% on the search network and 0.89% on the display network. While this may seem low, businesses reported getting $2 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

Online Reputation

Finally, your online reputation is one of the biggest factors for your business’ success. 97% of consumers read online reviews before they make a purchase. Therefore, you need to put your best foot forward. You can use positive reviews as an extension for your Google Ads, so potential customers can hear about great experiences actual customers had with your business!

These are 4 examples of why your business needs a Google Ads campaign. But, needing it and doing it are very different things. Fortunately, Colossus Media Group can help. As a digital marketing agency in NJ, we pride ourselves on providing many solutions to deliver big results for businesses, including Google Ads.